2. Trashy Triathlon

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Anti-Littering-Art-Campaign in Basel

On Saturday, 15/09/2012
the second Trashy Triathlon was held in Basel as part of the " International Coastal Clean-Up Day" . The Trashy Triathlon is an anti-littering campaign of the More -Profit-Organization COUP - Cleaner Ocean upcycling Productions . Three teams set out on with trolleys from Migros from Erlenmatt area from to collect waste. Then they formed the collected waste into Art-sculptures. After the final trolleyrace the participants were allowed to rate each other.

" The four teams filled a whole container and from the imagination of the participants, I am thrilled that the Trashy Triathlon was a huge success! " Says Tobias Heeb , President of COUP. He is proud to have organized the Trashy Triathlon without borrowing, big thanks go to rrrevolve and refiller for their active support and to Changemaker and the Christoph Merian Foundation , thanks to them all participants got great prizes. Also Nia Ruckstuhl , managing director of the association said , pleased: " In spite of a financial deficit, the event is a great success, even if it would have been good to have more teams at the start . The topic of littering is not a easy one! If the city was not cleaning daily, more fellows would certainly have been motivated to participate on Trashy Triathlon. Sometimes
only drastic measures help to make people aware of a problem."

After the ceremony the Lucerne band
AoxoToxoA rocked  the Allwäg pavilion. On the stage made out of a container not only the band members but also the great light show of the setting sun enchanted the audience. "The Trashy Triathlon was a lot of fun. The concert was simply awesome and the prices were cool. I hope that COUP performs the event next year again!" Reported one participant .


Many thanks to our sponsors :

refiller / rrrevolve / changemaker / greenings / Christoph Merian Stiftung


This is already the world's second Trashy Triathlon, the first was held on April 15th 2012 in Calabash, Galleon Beach, Antigua as Found Raising event of Rubberduck-recycling. Performed to appeal together to a healthy life as well as rise environmental awareness. Articles on the Internet www.365antigua.com and Facebook.



Don't litter - stay COUP - stay clean