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open source DYO plastic recycling

nachhaltiger Getränkegenuss CH

aktivists and Shops, Fuerteventura ES

travel - surf - cleanup - AWESOME!

keepers of the sea - THE BEST  INT

raises awareness international  BEL

no oil drilling in canary islands

Plastic Ocean Foundation - Film

Erlebnisnispark, Spreitenbach CH

enorm cooler riesen Blog, best  DE

Huge DYO page, awesome!  INT

Intelligent robots preventing waste

EU Kampagne Trading Resources

IG saubere Umwelt Schweiz

Shop und Online Shop Zürich  CH

Movie - activists go to remote atoll

huge awareness page VERY Nice! NZ

official marine debris blog, gov. of US

super blog von Niclas Weisl  DE

Wasser für alle, Projekte aus der CH

AWESOME art to save the sea  US

upcycling WORLDWIDE - huge, COOL

Every year in September, worldwide

Reforestation Project Sudden Rush

cooler Umweltblog, umfangreich DE

mehrsprachiger Plastic Blog

toller schweizer Nachhaltigkeitsblog

Institute, big and awesome, roulez! US

surfrider is surfrider ! cool action INT

the one and only,change is NOW ! INT

Conciousness blog by Tim Barns UK

upcyclete Taschen aus der Schweiz  CH

June 8, WORLDOCEANSDAY submit ! US

Worldwide cleanup campaign


COUP, Cleaner Ocean Upcycling Productions, Basel, Lanzarote, Atlantic, Oceancleaneers, beachclean, litter, fight against pollution, limpieza de playa


Tobi Heeb aka T.P.Pain at cargobar COUP LitterKiller crowdfunding in action


Winner of COUP Trashy Triathlon Basel
Seestrern Starfisch COUP Lanzarote Canarias Beachcleanup Trashart

Abfall = Ressource

COUP, Lanzarote, JOY, Surfboards,  Microplastic, #Famara, Beach

Surf and Clean

#COUP, , COUP, Cleaner Ocean Upcycling Productions, Surf, clean, beach ,wave playa COUP ocean upcycling art trash, COUP, Cleaner Ocean Upcycling Productions let´s close the cycle
COUP, Beachclea, beachcleanup, Lanzarote Limpia, Lanzarote, 100 anos, manrique, limpieza de playa, playa el risco
performance, naked in the dirt


T.P.Pain, COUP, ARTBasel

fight for nature

COUP, Cleaner Ocean Upcycling Productions

Don't litter

stay COUP

stay CLEAN

Art, Mask, COUP, selfie, beachclean


Menschen, Strand, beach, Lanzarote, Playa, Famara, COUP
COUP , Lanzarote Limpia, Menschenkette, cadena, solidaria, beachcleanup, Lanzarote
COUP, Cleaner Ocean Upcycling Productions

 be the


you want

to SEA

COUP, Ave Plasticvs @ cargobar Basel COUP Cleaner Ocean Upcycling Productions More Profit Organisation
COUP Lanzarote Nasas Basel Davos Nia Tobi


Hasta la limpieza siempre

Orozola, Lanzarote, SOS , COUP, Beach, Playa, People, Beachclean

für weniger Abfall

Trash, Surf, Wave, Cleanup, Beach, Lanzarote Limpia, COUP


COUP, Beachcleanup, Famara Limpia, Playa, Cleaner Ocean Upcycling Productions COUP Cleaner Ocean Upcycling Productions More Profit Organisation Beachcleaners

Let´s close the cycle

COUP Trashy Triathlon

Change behaviors

pro, Surfer, cleaning, beach, surfing, COUP, beachclean, Lanzarote
COUP, Moussa Ba, Senegal @ cargobar Basel COUP Cleaner Ocean Upcycling Productions More Profit Organisation


Trashstuntperformance, COUP, SOS Lanzaroe, Tobi Heeb, T.P.Pain, Björn Bear