Thank you to Paul Campbell and the Barstro team and to all the artists who exhibited their work, Many thanks to everyone who came to our opening night. It was a wonderful evening and so great to meet new faces. It wouldnt have been the same without CALISTO and their wonderful music and especial thanks to Betty Rawson, the inspiration behind it all. The exhibition remains in place until mid December

COUP WhaleTales by NiArt and T.P.Pain, Barstro Exhibition Power

WhaleTales by NiA and T.P.Pain


Story telling without using any words, this is the WhaleTales. Made of lost resources found at Famara beach, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain. It has been exposed at the Power exhibition at Barstro, Nazaret and if not sold it will tell more stories at other art shows.

Inspired by the shape of the toyota car door lining that we found at one of our beach clean up´s we recreated it to WhaleTales! It´s stomach is full of microplastics that we´ve put into a bottle and placed it in the door opener. It´s whalebone is a tattered piece of rope and it is, how come, tangeld in a fishing net. The sad truth is that we trash our oceans and alltough we know, we still continue. This is what the whale is telling you, that we belong all together on this wonderfull planet and, of course, he want´s you to close the cycle!