Plastic vs. Plancton

an exhibition with sea view

in the cargobar Basel

The COUP-artist network illustrates with its work the acute problem of marine litter pollution. The objects are all made out of trash found on beaches!




The Senegalese artist Moussa Ba designes African masks and paints his classic West African images on everything that seems somehow recyclable. His studio Denntal Recyclage in Popenguine also consists of upcylced objects - a corrugated metal wood cardboard palm leaves shelter, bursting with his works - there is no door!


The birds Ave Plastikvs, a creation of NiA, point in a refreshing way to the problem that annually innumerable birds with plastic-filled stomachs are starving to death miserably! She combines science, fine arts and design, and thus clarifies rational as well as emotional about the consequences of our consumption!


The improvisioneer Tobi does his work with the same motives. He visualizes as a video artist and performer the subject - his ideas leap on him mostly whyle surfing.

2.11. – 24.11.2013

We illustrate with our work the acute problem of marine litter pollution, so we create from trash found while beachcleanings. The ingenious masks by Moussa Ba from Senegal, animals by Tobi and Nia, a permanent video installation as well as various short and spontaneous performances by TP Pain expected you in the bar at the riverside of the Rhine.
We were able to see how the Cargobar converted for three weeks into an aquarium which was, during the last calling auction, 
fished out, similar to the real ocean in pretty much one evening.

It was exciting to discuss with you all, and we look forward to more such brilliant events.

24.11.2013 PolyMEER - Plastik vs Plankton Finissage und Auktion

The grandiose evening was opened with TPPain's classic Po polymeer, supported by DJ James Bubble. Followed by the auction in favor of the association COUP. Half of the collected money was donated the COUP project Atelier de Recyclage in N'dayane in Senegal. Thanks to all the buyers, it was an awesome evening, MERCIE !

We specially like to thank the cargo-TEAM and all the diligent ants in the background, without you  this exhibition would have never happend!


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Tobi Heeb aka T.P.Pain at cargobar COUP LitterKiller crowdfunding in action


Winner of COUP Trashy Triathlon Basel
Seestrern Starfisch COUP Lanzarote Canarias Beachcleanup Trashart

Abfall = Ressource

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Surf and Clean

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fight for nature

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Don't litter

stay COUP

stay CLEAN

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 be the


you want

to SEA

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Hasta la limpieza siempre

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für weniger Abfall

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Let´s close the cycle

COUP Trashy Triathlon

Change behaviors

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