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Ave Plasticvs



After several years of drifting trough in the world's oceans one day a great magician gave me life. Coincidentally, tourists have filmed this, watch here!
Since the
n my mission is all about handling the high-tech product, to educate and inform the society about plastic, away from consumption aiming a resource-based economy. I fly from school to school to share my knowledge about plastic recycling and handling and  to expand wisdom.

When and where I am, you can find in the COUP-Events

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Moussa Ba


Growing up in the slums of Dakar Mous worked as a sewer cleaner - he knows what he's talking about when it comes to waste.

He creates African masks and paints his classic West African images and collages on everything that somehow seems usable. His studio Denntal Recyclage in Popenguine consists of upcyclet objects - a corrugated iron-wood-box-palm leaves shelter, bursting full with his works - there is no door! Moussa shares his knowledge with anyone, having a cup of tea at his neighbour Hubert - after he has cleaned the beach, of course. Who wants to have a look at his work, we recommend a trip to Popenguine, it's worth it!

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Denntal Recyclage Popenguine, Senegal