Marine litter


The subject of marine litter pollution is indeed already repeatedly flickered through the media but we have not yet changed very much. Apparently there is still a need for information to cause a rethink . Per year about 6.5 million tons of trash end up in our oceans . 80 % of the waste in the sea comes from activities on land and consists of plastic!

According to Algalita In the Great Pacific Garbage Patch , the largest and best-known garbage patcht in the world the ratio of plastic to zooplankton
is 6:1, at concentrated places even 60:1 !

Plastic is such a diverse and frequently used material that it is difficult to pass up ! There is plastic which decays very quickly and another whose decay takes up to 400 years ( some researchers even claim more than 1000 years!) !

So-called PBTs (persistent , bioaccumulated and toxic impurity substances) are released not only from synthetic plastics, but will be stored in addition to decomposing plastic in the ocean. The consequences for man and nature are not in sight !

Finally, a fascinating fact :

It costs 4000 USD to recycle
1 ton of plastic bags ...

the value of the products produced is 32 USD!

So, re-use instead of throw away !


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