To fight the pollution of our blue planet, we founded the association Cleaner Ocean Upcycling Productions on November 20, 2011.

COUP sees itself as More Profit Organization, which strives for both socio-economic and ecological goals. The COUP label launches information campaigns on marine littering, organizes beach cleaning campaigns and creates upcycling collections using the resources found on beaches.

COUP is a More Profit Organization

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A circular economy needs to be established in order to reduce pollution and to increase value.

We actively protect the environment with a creative approach by providing information about marine litter. We  draw attention to the price of our throw away society - the littering of the world's oceans. With creative ideas, installations and actions we rise awareness about environmental aspects. With our upcycling designs we prove that waste is a resource.

We create added value for people and nature and see ourselves as a more profit organization that generates both socio-economic and ecological profits.

Our Mision

We are aware that COUP is unable to solve the complex problem of marine littering on its own!

Ecological activism must be expanded with ecological realism.

Humans will always have an impact on the environment.
COUP makes an important contribution to a clean environment through monthly Beachcleanups Our Consciousness Collections reduce the waste volume and  do promote a conscious lifestyle.

We prove that sustainable living and business is possible. Our diverse human creativity helps us to implement this project. Mother Nature knows no waste, so we encourage to a more conscious use of resources and appeal for closed material cycles,

let's close the cycle!

• Protection of the seas and the environment


Our seas are no garbage dump! Trash in the sea is an often invisible, global problem  and does affect humans and nature. People need to  be more informed about the consequences of our waste-oriented society, clarifying the precarious situation our oceans. We promote awareness and the fact,

that every one can contribute to a clean environment.


• Waste is a resource


Trash cannot be dumped in so-called third world countries anymore! We need to close the resource-cycle and increase value.

  •  Profitable environmental protection

By offering concrete opportunities for participation, upcycling will reveal new perspectives and income opportunities.

  • Social integration

Through working with social organizations we promote the inclusion of people with special backgrounds and so-called "non-labor market people".

  •  Social change

COUP contributes to social change through reflection, inspiration and participation. Through pure facts and creative approaches the reflection of our personal and common consumption and waste behavior will be stimulated. The change is NOW.

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who is COUP

COUP is neither different nor better, COUP is an attempt to more sustainable living,

confident in dealing with resources, change and progress!

 We are COUP, YOU are COUP


NiA Ruckstuhl


Upcycling-Artist, scientist and Mother

MSc Coastal- and Water Management

BA cultural anthropology and geography

President of COUP

Tobi Heeb

Bartender, Activist, Artist and Father

commercial employee



COUP Senegal, Dental recyclage, Moussa Ba

Senegal Chapter

Denntal Recyclage 

Moussa Ba - Popenguine (Senegal) 

Artist, Beachcleaner, Activist

Moussas Facebook!

Take action!

Become a COUP member or sponsor.

Members of COUP are actively involved in any possible way. As a  sponsor you can support our project either financially or materially.
For more information or if you want to support us please contact us.


Feel free to donate:

COUP Cleaner Ocean Upcycling Productions

Riehenstrasse 394

CH-4058 Basel

IBAN: CH0400774010391774800



Partners - want to be one - just contact us

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Lanzarote Limpia







Fight for Nature


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Tobi Heeb aka T.P.Pain at cargobar COUP LitterKiller crowdfunding in action


Winner of COUP Trashy Triathlon Basel
Seestrern Starfisch COUP Lanzarote Canarias Beachcleanup Trashart

Abfall = Ressource

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Surf and Clean

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fight for nature

COUP, Cleaner Ocean Upcycling Productions

Don't litter

stay COUP

stay CLEAN

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 be the


you want

to SEA

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Hasta la limpieza siempre

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für weniger Abfall

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Let´s close the cycle

COUP Trashy Triathlon

Change behaviors

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COUP, Moussa Ba, Senegal @ cargobar Basel COUP Cleaner Ocean Upcycling Productions More Profit Organisation


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