Large area collecting of corks in gastronomy by people with special background.

  • By recycling the natural material cork arise in closed cycles . Currently cork is shredded and used as insulation material for eco-homes.
  • Social integration of people with special needs through the presence in public space during collection in restaurants and bars.
  • Economic integration by collecting , sorting , storing and shipping of collectible material .

Who: food service, social institutions and Korkpressfabrik

  • bars n restaurants (Cargo-Kultur-Bar, Grand Cafe SUD, da Francesca, .....)
  • Cantonal day centers for people with disabilities, Basel
  • Bouchon Schlittler AG , Näfels GL

How : Linking food service, social institutions and Korkpressfabrik

  • Collect the storage of cork stoppers (wine and sparkling wine, including wire).
  • Collection : in a cycle (every 2 months) , the cork will be collected from the pub´s by the day care centers. (5 days notice)
  • Sorting: A separation of plastic and cork will take place in the day centers .
  • Shipping : From Basel to Naefels , GL to shred

Initiator : COUP - Association for creative environmental protection and waste management

Wana join? Then please contact  - Subject verKORKst

Thanks to Francesca ant the Team of Da Francesca in Basel for the efficient action!