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First we want to say THANK YOU to all the cleaners and helper who fight for a clean beach and a sustainable future. During the last years we cleaned many beaches, where and when @ COUP-Events.

It´s a sad reality, but the beach stays dirty because the waves are bringing every day more debris to the shores of our beautiful planet.



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COUP Beach clean up

There is no trash! The waste we find on the beach is a resource! In general about 80% of it is plastic, based on petrochemicals.

Loads of the stuff we find is recycable, some ideas and methods: Econyl, terracycle, Tapones solidario and we are sure there is lot more to find! In the future you will find informations about this in the COUP-News.


Even the rest of the debris can be recycled! With modern tecniques we can extract synthetical-biu-fuel out of greenwaste and plastic´s - which is even more efficient then conventional bio-fuel. Read about this on the homepage of the enterprise CPD SWISS.


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The biggest challenge is how tho get the microplastic off the beach, some ideas:

  • “fishing microplastics ” with a broomer and a fishing net, works better in sand
  • “microplastics bath ” with a shovel and a tub, better in sand as well.

Get rid of microplastics in stone dominated areas is almost impossibe and needs loads of patience!

However you pick up plastics, remember it´s a potentially toxic material, so please wear gloves.

We invite you to share informations and solutions with us! Lets move forward, together - strong - to a resource based economy. COUP Movies.

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