Where you may see trash - we see skateboards.

Because waste is a resource!

The Litterkiller Skateboard  is a skateboard deck made out of marine debris and fishing nets using a solar-3D printer.


Most likely you have seen pictures of turtles, birds and many other animals entangled in plastic, suffering horribly and dying slowly. Do you know that one of the biggest threats to these animals is discharged fishing gear. Scientists call this ghost fishing. As fishing gear is difficult for fishermen to manage and dispose adequately the LitterKiller Project gives fishermen an opportunity to sell their used and damaged fishing gear. With such positive incentives for recycling nets, the amount of abandoned and lost fishing gear in the oceans will decrease. 


Marine debris is accumulating on Lanzarote due to its geographic location and the currents in the ocean. Even though the island is protected as a Bioreserve from the UNESCO, it can not be protected from waste from all over the world ending up on the beaches of Lanzarote. COUP is actively involved in many beach cleanups on the island and already uses collected material for various upcycling projects in design and art.


The LitterKiller project not only raises awareness about marine litter amongst skaters, fishermen and the general local public, but also strengthens the local economy. As with an increasing production of LitterKiller Boards new jobs will be created on the island and supporting the green economy movement.


So please help us to transform waste into skateboards by donating cash and recycling your trash!