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COUP member Tonia from Basel creates passionate accessories and jewelry from flea market treasures with the special charm of the 60s and 70s.

bold, bright, colorful, playful, crazy


Moussa BA
Moussa BA

Denntal Recyclage from Moussa Ba in Popenguine (Senegal) Mous' is a survivor. For some time now he has his own business in Popenguine as a painter. Painted on old jeans and on what he finds  and he also sticks great pictures and masks. He collects his work materials on the beach and reuses them for his art. Pictures can be found on Moussas Facebook!

Upcycling-Lampe im Samstag
Upcycling-Lampe im Samstag

 SAMSTAG is open Monday to Friday 7 to 14 clock and spoils you with the finest and most delicious breakfast needs first lunch catering.

In the well-stocked assortment you can find fine mocha Efti coffee (The coffee sacks are
collected as raw materialfor COUP !), Juicy top, fresh sandwiches, seasonal daily soups (from the magical kitchen of the Bahnkantine) Monday backed Patatos, sweet pastries, fortune cookies, Kiosk products and many other good from the region - come and look over!

Mattenstrasse 74 / 4058 BS
30er Haltestelle Mattenstrasse

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Lucia Pec's creation: Beach Blossoms from Bottle Bottoms, gathered at the Western Algarve beach at Praia de Vale Figueira, Portugal.

.. find anything, even the helmet she has picked up on the beach!

Luci's FB-Page

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Jamie Barrett - Art from Rubbish

‘Art From Rubbish’ is a project that I began working on in 2012 whilst living on the island of Utila, one of The Bay Islands, off the coast of Honduras. The concept is driven by my ever increasing concern for nature and my interest in the conservation of our environment. The project involves me collecting ‘drift plastic’ (discarded plastic objects) from the beaches and the sea. I then create forms that are inspired by creatures that live in the oceans from which the ‘rubbish’ was collected, more specifically; Coral Polyps.

It is still a fairly new project and the images that are on my ‘Art From Rubbish’ Facebook page at the moment show a ‘work in progress’. Since leaving Utila I have continued to collect ‘drift plastic’ here in Grenada, as well as during a recent visit to Barbados. I am currently in the process of connecting all of the separate ‘Drift plastic Polyps’ together to form a hanging, chandelier-style sculpture.

My hope is that the sculptures can spread positive energy through an environmentally friendly and sustainable creative process and help to raise awareness of the necessity for humans to live in harmony with nature. By creating ‘Art From Rubbish’ I aim to highlight the damage that mindless over-consumption and the excessive use of plastic has on our oceans as well as inspiring others to take proactive steps to help combat the problem. More people need to be more aware…

Humans did not weave the web of life; we are merely a strand in it. Therefore, what we do to the web we do to ourselves. We must be at peace with the oneness of all life’s energy in order for harmony to arise. Unity with nature is the key to a positive progression.


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Platz 3

Felix R - Fire Fighter

Much can be done with the natural material cork. Not only caps, floors or bags, but also fire. 

He who sacrifices not like a bottle of wine for a warm fire?


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