Our Mission

We're proof that living both sustainably and economically is possible. Human creativity helps us make our project real.


• Protection of the seas and the environment


Our seas are not a garbage dump. But this often invisible, global problem does affect humans and nature both. People should be informed about the consequences of our waste-oriented society. Clarifying the precarious situation our oceans are in should promote awareness of the fact that every one can contribute to a clean environment.


• Waste is a resource


In future, waste should not be cheaply disposed of in so-called third world countries any more, but be exported and generate increased value. This would complete the cycle of waste as a resource.


• Profitable environmental protection


Through the offer of specific possibilities for co-operation we show new perspectives and possibilities to generate income by Upcycling


• Social integration


We encourage the inclusion of people with a different background, so called “unemployable people”.


• Social change


Respectful contact with humans and nature is our credo. COUP makes a small contribution to social change by means of reflection, inspiration and participation. The reflection on personal and general consumption as well as our “throwaway culture” should not only be encourages through facts, but also with creative approaches.

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