COUP is a More-Profit-Organisation

To ensure the future of our blue planet we founded the association Cleaner Ocean Upcycling Productions - short COUP  on 20.11.2011.


COUP sees itself as More-Profit-Organization that seeks to integrate socio- economic and ecological goals. The label COUP launches information campaigns about marin litter and creates Upcycling-Designs .

Closed material cycles need to be established to reduce the pollution and increase the value of materials .

With a creative approach we actively protect the environment by providing information on marine littering . We show the price of our consumer society - the trashing of the oceans. With creative ideas , installations and actions we do raise awareness to these aspects . With our upcycling designs we show that waste is a resource .

Thus, we create added value for man and nature and see ourselves as More-Profit-Organization in both socio- economic and ecological profits



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